Glen has written many books over the years, ranging from children’s adventures to thoughts on foreign aid, citizenship and liberalism. The following are available on Just click on the respective title to be directed to Amazon’s listing.

Life Among the Stones – Alberta Alexander sees the face of her dead husband through the closing elevator doors. ?In that moment, a new journey and a remarkably intriguing phase of her life begins. ?Her discovery that she is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s turns her successful public and private life in England into a movement of self-discovery. ?She discovers that she is one among millions who are watching their memories disappear. ? ?Alberta’s task is to face the gradual loss with all the reserve and sense of fair play that she developed over decades. ?For those caregivers around her, there are hidden treasures of personality and insight revealed. ?The paperback copy is available here and the free digital download is available here.

The Secret Nook –?A woman with a past she couldn’t remember and a future she can’t put together. Meadow Hartley was a child prodigy – a painter with remarkable talent. But a crushing event ended in tragedy, forcing her to spend the next two decades trying to move on. ?Then a dream of a forgotten moment rouses her from her sadness and sends her on a quest to recover her future. ?Meadow must return to the Virginia rural town where she grew up to search for clues, where she encounters her old painting teacher and who begins to restore the passion she once felt for art and its techniques. By pursuing her forgotten dream, she unlocks the secret to her future and rescues her past. You can purchase a paperback copy of this novella for $5 here or get it by free digital download here.

The?Third Place. ?Everton Overly had an idea – a concept for how to pull citizens together in a place where they could begin to re-energize their community. It was called the Third Place – a restaurant where anything was possible as long as it respected others and bettered his community. ?From humble beginnings, the entire Overly Family ultimately shape a their restaurant as a place where not only civic but economic renewal transform their community. ? The cooperation of generation is one of this story’s keys to success. ?In an era where many cities find themselves on the wrong side of economic history, the Third Place poses the possibility. ?of a new method for embracing change. ?But first there had to be a civic-minded family ready to pursue such a task, as well as a community willing to follow their lead and support it. ?Get the paperback here, and the free ebook download here.

?Truth Shapers. ?A young New Mexican senator caught in the designs of a manipulative White House and the draining world of political partisanship, Truth Shapers is the story of how Jonathon Oldfield fights back against a Washington political system that keeps America from being good and not just great. And through all of it he must seek a way of keeping his family from becoming one of the fallouts of modern political life. “No president alone can alter our decline and democracy can never survive that is based upon secrets, private enrichment or naked ambition. I only require my peers – all 300 million of them – to make the best choice on the basis of the information available to them.” Oldfield’s plea to the nation continues to be a rallying cry for a better politics throughout the world today. ?Get the hardback copy here, the paperback here, and the free ebook download here.

The Seven Social Sins.?Mahatma Gandhi enlightened his world like few others in the modern age. Philosopher, sage, nonviolent activist, lawyer, revolutionary, and a guiding spiritual light – Gandhi was all of these things. Near the end of his life he spoke of Seven Social Sins that, if left unchallenged, would lead the world into ever-increasing cycles of violence. Gandhi made clear where he worried the future was headed. Knowledge would be sought exclusively in its own right, as would a shallow religion, a hollowed-out capitalism, a political structure with no moral compass, or an unfettered science removed from its human dimension. He sought to highlight what other capacities would need to be joined to the predominant themes to keep them balanced and helpful to the human race. ?Order the hardback version here. ?The paperback here. ?And the free download ebook from the iBookstore?here.?

product_thumbnail-phpDisruption ?Determined to have her organization help with the growing refugee problem presently challenging the world, CEO Emma Brookstone suddenly finds herself confronted by a troll and stalker determined to make her life miserable. How she learns to handle this invasion in her life and career becomes the main thrust of Disruption. Played out on three different continents, Emma seeks to understand her attacker, discerning the best way forward. Disruption is a tale of two women circling one another – a pursuit that involves hatred and compassion, ignorance and understanding, and ultimately destruction versus hope. ?Order the hardback version here. ?The paperback here. ?And free download from the iBookstore here.

Fired Into Life: Jesus and Personality. ?With so many depictions of Jesus flooding bookstores and the airwaves, it remains a difficult task to cut through all the interpretations added over two millennia to get to the person he was – confused, vibrant, committed, at times discouraged, compassionate, devoted, a leader, and, ultimately, a voice to his own generation of the purposes of God. Fire Into Life tells of how God, through human personality, is still relevant in today’s complex world and how a bigger life of noble aims and compassionate service can yet have impact in our own generation. ?You can get the hardback book here, the paperback here, and the free to download ebook here.

Parallel product_thumbnail-3.phpParliament Blog Posts 2015 ?For anyone writing about Canadian politics, 2015 proved to be a fascinating time on which to comment. It saw the last fading days of a tired old federal government and a dynamic election that brought a new party to power and an extra two million citizens to the ballot box. New waves of power also emerged in some provincial elections. Although 2015 was a year of change – some say transformation – what remains unclear is whether average citizens are prepared to engage in improving the public place. The blog posts in this book speak of change and stability, life and death, legitimate and defiled power, but ultimately they are about Canadians perhaps stirring as they begin the long process of claiming back some of the quality of life that has gone missing over the years. ?You can order the hardback version cá độ bóng đá trên điện thoạihere, the paperback here, or the free ebook here.

Glorious product_thumbnail-2.phpQuest (Don Quixote for the Modern Era ?As the world’s first modern novel, published in 1605, Don Quixote finds new life as the great protagonist of our modern, complex era. In a world catapulting into a future that remains unclear, the grand old knight reminds us that dreams of a better and more noble humanity will prove pivotal to our negotiation of the coming challenges. The author draws from modern examples like Romeo Dallaire, Anne Frank Vaclav Havel, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi to remind us that not all great efforts are successful, but are nevertheless pivotal to the refinement of the human race and the survival of humanity. ?You can order the hardback version cá độ bóng đá trên điện thoạihere, the paperback here, or the free ebook here.

Aloft ?Two people discover more than they bargained for when they first encounter one another on a hot product_thumbnail.phpair balloon ride over majestic Paris. Catherine Wiseman is a university professor struggling to find meaning in both her personal and professional lives. Lloyd Greenwell, a writer and philosopher, has come to question whether much of what he has published in recent years is, in fact, valid. In the great City of Light, both search for deeper answers together, only to discover that they are being irrevocably brought together in a romance of the mind and the heart. The beguiling streets and sights of one of the world’s great cities serve as an effective backdrop for two searchers hoping to find a future more positive and constructive than what they presently know. That pursuit becomes all that much easier as they discover traits in each other that can help them on their way. ?Order the hardback version here, the paperback here, or the free ebook here.

Dualities?Two great continents intertwined on the world’s stage. And two larger than Dualities indesign cover copy 2 life characters determined in their separate ways to tell their stories. Chen Chang-Jin – the wildly successful Chinese billionaire working to utilize Africa’s vast natural resources in ways that would be benefit his homeland and raise his profile in the process. Achol Madut Yek – one of the poorest of the poor, trekking from south Sudan, through Darfur, and into Chad, in a journey that will captivate the eyes of the world and cause it to see the strength and potential of Africa and its people in a new light. Dualities is ultimately a story about humanity – its scope, its inequities, its potential – and how the welfare of its most vulnerable members is often more vital than commonly acknowledged. ?You can order the hardback version?here, the paperback?here,?or the?ebook?here.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.29.50 PMEternal Return
From Canada to Brazil, California to China, Catherine O’Hara takes on an odyssey that will change how she views the world of politics. As Minister for the Environment for the Canadian government she has to learn to balance the responsibilities of power with the reality of sustainability and human rights. Essential to it all is David Kronberg – a mystical champion of the natural order who inevitably draws Catherine into a deeper world that will change her position at the centre of power. ?Her journey not only alters her view of politics but also changes her perspective of herself. ?You can get the hardback version?here?and the paperback version?here.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.43.26 PMCommunity Engagement “Citizens might well accept this new way of doing government?if ?they actually had a say in the process, or even some kind of direct access to politicians themselves. ?It’s not to be, sadly, and instead we have information without humanity, communication without meaning, and disenchantment without end. ?In such days where the customer is always right, this is hardly going to end well” – from the book. ?These studies explore the two imposing challenges facing our community life – the loss of the grassroots connection within the political order, and the growing lethargy among average citizens to do anything about it. ?We can’t change our world without changing ourselves – something that democratic citizenship is supposed to achieve.

a place for us cover JN2013A Place For Us ?London, Ontario is a city in transition and no choices seem easy. One thing is certain: cobbling things together in a traditional fashion is no longer sufficient for the global, national and local challenges confronting us. A Place For Us considers our present challenges and how we might face them through a unified exercise of bringing politics and citizenship together. A bound copy of the book can be purchased through,?or you can download it as an eBook or as an audio book free of charge below.

Download your free copy of A Place For Us here –?ePub?or?PDF?or visit the podcasts page to?listen to the book?in iTunes

Identity?explores how the identity of the places where we live has become lost in directScreen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.11.45 PM proportion to how we have misplaced our own individual and collective roles in modern life. Who we are, and what we value most, is just as important to the future life of our respective communities as economics and progress. The less we know who we truly are, the more those governing us hand us empty prattles instead of effective policy. ?We are tolerated more that taught, enticed more than enlightened, excused more than exalted. ?Citizens are only as effective as they act in direct connection to whom they are. ?The only way our democratic heritage can be rediscovered is to apply who we truly are to what we clearly desire as a society. ?Identity explores that potential.

A Path Between Two Mothers In the midst of Africa’s longest running civil war a young girl’s story emerged that provided new hope to the people of Sudan and those around the world seeking to help the beleaguered nation. Following the loss of her mother, Abuk had to learn to live with the constant hunger and disease as she and her people sought to overcome the tragedies of war. Unknown to her, from across the seas an effort was underway to seek her rescue from what seemed like a hopeless fate. This book tells the story of how the remarkable people of south Sudan struggled to keep Abuk’s hopes alive. Through grief, loss, hunger, sickness and endless wandering, Abuk came to discover a new sense optimism in the midst of trial. It is a story of inner growth, a remarkable maturity, and the will to live despite a pain that seemed endless. The book is dedicated to her Sudanese mother who gave her all so that Abuk might have this remarkable tale to tell.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 9.52.11 PMThe Long Road Home ?Many have asked how Glen and his wife, Jane Roy, got involved in?their long-lasting commitment to the people of south Sudan. ?The Long Road Home chronicles their remarkable journey into the realm of modern slavery and their ongoing efforts to help the Republic of South Sudan establish a promising future and the world’s newest nation. ?From freeing a number of slaves on the first trip in 1999, to their efforts at constructing schools and creating long-term development programs in the southern regions, to how their own lives were altered by the adoption of three Sudanese children, the book is, above all, an important portrait of the resilient people of south Sudan, whose courage against impossible odds make them one of Africa’s truly great people.

Notes on Citizenship The continued ineffective practices of governments and the rampant sense of materialism and isolation fostered by free enterprise have left today’s citizen caught in the middle between power and an increasingly distant economic prosperity. Citizens have been robbed of the internal vitality to challenge the prevailing forces of partisan politics and unhindered capitalism and carving out an effective “public space.” Notes on Citizenship lays out the philosophical framework of how citizens have permitted themselves to become distracted from seeking the common good and how they might bring together all their individual efforts to introduce new life to the present political landscape.


Notes on Liberalism There are dark and looming clouds on our horizon. The last few years have witnessed the increase in battling communities, massive deficits, too many?notes-on-liberalism-cover_thumbcorporate meltdowns,?a loss of place in the world, and the introduction of a culture of brutality in our political life. These can’t be merely wished away. Taken together, they are slowly bringing Canada to the inevitability of authoritarianism. In light of its impressive ability to break down walls of such repression, liberalism is required again today as much as it was in the time of kings. This will never occur if we remain indifferent to our slide to despotism, nor can we discover a new future if we remain sentimental. The question is: are those liberally minded folk from all parties and from all walks of life capable of bringing themselves together for the cause of freedom and self-liberation and empowerment once more. This book studies that possibility.


For All the Right Reasons Unfettered by incessant political manipulation and focused on its mandate of assisting the poorest of the poor, a reinvigorated Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) could play its own important role in helping to resort Canada’s image in the world. CIDA still awaits the kind of political leadership that can resource and protect it in order to reach its full potential. This book is about how to do that. A new dynamic CIDA should be present to remind all power brokers that the ultimate aim of any development or aid project is to life its recipients from the deep clutches of poverty. For All the Right Reasons is a clarion call to combine political leadership with the remarkable skills and innovations presently occurring in Canada’s NGO, university, and business sectors to forge a new era for Canada’s influence around the globe. The people of Canada deserve an official development arm that trusts in their interests and commitment to a better world.

Foreign Aid and the African Dilemma In a time when foreign aid to Africa has been questioned as never before, this book discusses why the challenges and potential of that continent speak more about the West’s inability to comprehend it than the seemingly intractable problems it presents. As official government aid to Africa continues to decline, thousands of non-governmental organizations have flourished on the African continent and undertake remarkable work. But it will never be enough until the international governing structure takes up the challenge of long-term development, the full establishment of women’s rights, and the building of an economic infrastructure that will assist African countries in taking their rightful place in the world economy. It is time to increase our generosity in equal measure to the capacity of the African spirit and potential to overcome and prevail against incredible odds.

A Land of Designs This book tells the story of a remarkable woman whose entire life has been turned upside down through decisions made by her own government and those of developed nations and international institutions attempting to sincerely deal with the Darfur crisis. Her narrative speaks more to our misunderstanding of the Darfur conflict than any kind of policy document. This is a true story resulting from an interview Glen held with a woman who traveled through all of Darfur and into south Sudan where she sought security for her children. Her effect on the author has been long-lasting and led to even further effort to attempt to assist the 100,000 Darfur refugees who had trudged into the region where Glen and his wife have been undertaking development project for over a decade. The woman’s haunting story serves as an effective reminder of how we can ensure that development and human rights must reflect the challenges of the region and not just our own Western understanding.

The Parallel Parliament Blog Posts 2011?This blog series deals with the before, during and after consequences of the May 2011 federal election. It includes behind the scenes happenings in Parliament, as well as developments in Sudan and personal stories of the family. The book asks whether government should continue in their movement farther away from communities. If so, then only citizenship itself, reborn and revitalized, can resort Canada’s greatness. The need for government to work more effectively with communities is the only hope for keeping democracy able to adapt to the significant international challenges Canada faces.

In The Works – Three new books are almost done. Journeys (fiction) – a dying Canadian diplomat and his estranged daughter discover deeper philosophical understanding and a renewed relationship as they tour the famous monuments of Washington D.C. Peace By Another Means – A historical review of how the modern peace movements came to be by considering the activities of religious peacemakers, Gandhi, and other modern alternatives as they search for an alternative to military intervention. ?The Parallel Parliament Blog Posts 2018?–?contains all the posts from a tumultuous year. ?Capitalism?– with the global economic health of the planet becoming ever more precarious. this a book of thoughts on how capitalism must be renewed before it is ultimately replaced.