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The Third Place (Chapter 8) – Finn

Posted on August 8, 2018

How it all worked out was almost as if by design.? It turned out the Finn was an ardent student of how humanity interacted with food.? At the talk that first evening, Dad was so impressed by the young man’s curiosity that he asked if he would be willing to take over the entire breakfast operation – subject to Dad’s oversight naturally.? At a loss for next steps in his life, Finn hesitantly agreed but then approached the challenge with relish.? He looked over at his grandmother seeking her approval.? All Mrs. Dawson did was smile before offering to come in during the morning meal time to help out until he gained some confidence. Confidence was hardly something Finn lacked. He was in the…

The Third Place (Chapter 6) – A New Concept

Posted on August 6, 2018

Subtle changes were taking place in the restaurant – a remarkably steady clientele, becoming an anchor establishment in a quaint village that drew from all portions of the city, and an evident kind of reverence for Mom and Dad. Business had been so good for our parents that they had to institute the reservation system to curtail long lineups – something Dad never wanted to do.? I suppose it was inevitable they would give into the pressure and open up for breakfast every weekday. It was a family decision, though we looked to Dad to provide a good reason for the move.?Ever said that the whole idea was something he never entertained, confessing that he loved the mornings having coffee with Mom and poring…

The Third Place (Chapter 5) – Rules of Engagement

Posted on August 5, 2018

At some point during the Third Place’s early years the public began to understand that Everton Overly had quietly struck a deal with his customers without anything official being said about it. The future of any restaurant depends on its performance – quality of the meals, parking, decor, price, selection and aura.? Should the operator get it right in all of these fields then the chances of success were good.? In a world of rampant consumerism, it was all about the customer and the operation that didn’t understand that had already lost. Except Dad didn’t really believe it.? A restaurant in his mind wasn’t just about serving food but, rather, a public space where contribution was expected.? At one point he placed on the…

The Third Place (Chapter 4) – The House

Posted on August 4, 2018

There’s no better way to describe it: the restaurant just took off.? Dad had judged the public’s mood correctly and they flocked to the grand old house in the village, not to escape but to engage.? I never saw any analysis of this, but from what others said, conversation in the Third Place centered more on politics, citizenship, community responsibility and proper journalism than any other similar establishment.? I believe now, after the passing of a number of years, that father’s intention for establishing the restaurant had more to do with his view of integral community life than anything to do with just starting his own business.? There was a design to it from the outset, though I was too young at the time…

The Third Place (Chapter 3) – The Experiment Begins

Posted on August 3, 2018

Though we didn’t see Dad so much that summer, he was always with us in every sound of the hammer, whine of the skill saw, or whirl of the battery drill.? He came up for meals, but other than that he was always just 20 feet below us. All this was kind of a revelation to us.? He was skilled with his hands in ways we hadn’t known, and whenever we journeyed down the stairs to take him some tea our just to witness his progress, he had always fashioned something new or ingenious to make the restaurant as intimate and sensible as possible.? He had the knack for styling and decor and before long it had come into shape. His pride and joy…

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