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On Her Own Terms

Posted on January 24, 2019

A few weeks later, Alberta surprised her children by entering the kitchen in a fashionable dress, with the desire to go to church.  When they informed her that it was Thursday evening and not Sunday morning, she grew confused and disappointed.  She looked at her watch – an old, but elaborate, self-wind timepiece – and couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong. “Did you remember to wind it, Mom?” asked Jennifer, to which her mother closed her eyes in understanding. “But I want to pray,” she affirmed. On a whim, Robin phoned the church and discovered that the choir practiced every Thursday evening, and that the church would remain open until the session had concluded.  “Come on, Mom, I’ll take you.  The last time I was in church…

The Nobility of Sacrifice

Posted on March 30, 2018

It’s Good Friday and with its arrival comes a willingness to speak of the term “sacrifice” and its many components.? A theme that precedes Christianity and other faiths, the sense of giving up something for a greater purpose has been with us from our very beginnings as a species and is remarkably common in the animal kingdom, especially when it comes to parents sacrificing for their young. People frequently become confused when using the word.? Yes, it’s Good Friday, and, yes, it’s that time of year when we consider how Jesus gave his own life for ideals for which he lived.? Throughout the cultures of the world there are such great examples and they remind us that life is not just something to be…

Fire in the Eyes

Posted on December 19, 2017

The old scriptures tell of how Moses, over 100 years of age at the time of his death, stood on a mountain overlooking the Promised Land and “his eyes were not weak.” Yet, despite that great advantage, the legendary Jewish leader passed on, never able to enjoy what he had seen and dreamed of for most of his life. I thought of that story again a couple of days ago when I learned that Gina Barber, politician, activist and author, passed away of cancer. The outpouring of collective grief and thankfulness for her influence was remarkable in its own way, with many chronicling personal stories of her effect on their lives. I have one of my own, and it’s as recent as two weeks…

Losing Humanity

Posted on July 4, 2012

Some stories are just so gut wrenchingly moving that you’d have to be a pretty hard-hearted sort not to be moved in the deepest parts of your humanity. The inspiring journey of one married couple illustrates what I’m talking about. They had been married for a number of years, happily so, when they decided the time was right to try for a new addition to their family. It didn’t work out as well as had been hoped. Despite their best efforts they couldn’t conceive and a kind of debilitating sadness began to pervade their household. Things weren’t quite the same, as fate seemed to have robbed them of their chance for a future they had dreamed of. And then the shocking news: she was…


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