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Glen Pearson

Posts tagged “dementia

Life Among the Stones – Prognosis (Chapter 4)

Posted on January 6, 2019

Robin had arrived in the morning, having taken the train directly from Paris to London.  Fully briefed by Jenny on what was transpiring with their mother, he cut his trip short by two days and arrived in time to prepare lunch for all three of them.  As the aroma of vegetarian quiche wafted through the house, Jennifer and her mom set the dishes on the small round ceramic tabletop in the alcove overlooking the garden. The air was rife with pleasantries, all attempting to stifle the tension.  Elizabeth Fairborough had called only an hour before to say she was waiting for one final test result that would come in over the noon hour, and that she would be immediately by for a late lunch.  Nothing in her voice…

Life Among the Stones – First Steps (Chapter 3)

Posted on January 4, 2019

And so began a mother’s long and difficult journey into the night, accompanied by her two grown children. Alberta was a highly trained professional regarding information and communication.  She knew exactly what was about to descend on her, at least its main milestones – confusion, forgetfulness, a sense of loss, and then a sense of finding something.  She recalled helping to edit large columns, years earlier, in Societymagazine that focused on dementia and Alzheimer’s, especially among older women.   She set aside some of the more troubling parts of the article for now and recalled that the very first thing to be done was to get a professional assessment of her condition.  She picked up the phone and was gratified to secure an appointment with her doctor later that afternoon.…

Life Among the Stones – The Elevator (Chapter 1)

Posted on January 2, 2019

She dashed through the rain and into the lobby of her London office building, shaking the wetness off her as she moved to the elevator.  She got to it just as the gleaming silver doors were closing in on one another.  As she looked into the narrowing opening, she was stunned to see the eyes of someone she hadn’t seen for what seemed like forever: someone who had died years ago. Her mind a jumble, and lost for words, Alberta Alexander shuffled to a nearby bench and tried to breathe.  She looked around and felt abandoned.  She was aware of sweat on her upper lip and could feel the beating of her heart, as if it was a pounding drum ready to break out of her chest.  It’s a…

The Growing Darkness

Posted on March 11, 2018

It’s a life of episodes?—?perhaps a fitting way of describing life with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It’s one thing to lose your health, your job or a loved one, but what happens when you lose yourself? Is there an individual or family tragedy any greater? And yet it’s lived out every day by thousands of Londoners and most of us will never know about it until signs emerge somewhere within our intimate circle. In London some 9,000 families wear themselves out in silence at an agony that can rip one’s insides out. Across Canada, almost half a million citizens suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s. Within 15 years that number will reach one million. Globally, 100 million struggle with the disease?—?a number that will reach 300…