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The Secret Nook – Chapter 21 (William and Mary)

Posted on October 31, 2018

It was somewhat as she had recalled, but a number of things were different.? New buildings had sprung up that still couldn’t compete with the historic beauty of William and Mary’s traditional structures.? Meadow located a parking spot, paid for a ticket from an automatic dispenser, and then locked the truck.? Les had been more than understanding when she had returned with news of all that had transpired in the western part of the state. “You’ll be needing some more time off,” he began, “and the truck is yours for as long as you need it.”?In truth, he had agonized over the years about Meadow’s lack of opportunity.? He knew of her gift but had no idea how to prompt her in that direction.?Now…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 9 (Teacher and Student)

Posted on October 7, 2018

She heard the shuffling of his feet a split second before the door opened.? For the first time in years, the two looked at one another and both felt the tension.? Duyi Koay appraised the woman in front of him and immediately detected sadness.? Gone was the brightness of those eyes that once shone, not with innocent youth, but curiosity and the desire for insight.?Meadow appeared to him as her old teacher thought she might.? Still pretty and appearing in good health, he nevertheless detected the faint stooping of the shoulders and the weariness on her countenance. “If you had not left your note, I might very well be in cardiac arrest at this moment,” he said with a smile. Meadow moved to him…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 7 (Duyi Koay)

Posted on October 3, 2018

She was downing her scrambled eggs and toast in the Inn’s restaurant the next morning when a voice at the counter asked, “Meadow?? Meadow Hartley?? My God, is it … you?” She looked up to see an old woman, wearing a spinster sweater with tiny pearl buttons and intricate weaving.? The woman looked impeccable, but the creases on her forehead and under her eyes spread out in directions across her face that she could never control.? Her hair was blue-rinsed but perfectly coiffed.?For a moment, Meadow thought she recognized her but it was only fleeting. She rose hesitantly before saying, “Yes, I’m Meadow Hartley.” “I know … I know.? I can tell by your eyes, – Mediterranean blue,” the woman said, approaching slowly with…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 6 (Clifton Forge)

Posted on October 1, 2018

Historic Masonic Theatre. ?Chartwell Motors Co.? Nicely Funeral Home.? ?Red Lantern Inn. Meadow scanned the signs on both sides of the main road coming into Clifton Forge.? Some were new, but she was surprised to discover how many represented images from her childhood.? Yet even in this community, so rooted in history, many small establishments had sprung up, with some carrying a small sign saying “Air B & B” reservations were possible.? The street was mostly bathed in late-Spring sunshine before some rapidly dashing clouds crossed by on their journey over the mountains, leaving a chilled shade in their wake. She pulled the pickup into a service station, stopping next to a pump with a large-lettered sign saying:   “NO SELF-SERVE HERE.? WE TAKE…

Canada’s Kind of World

Posted on August 17, 2016

PERHAPS THE GREATEST TEMPTATION IN THE WORLD of government is the politics of the urgent, and in a world of bad news the pressure to “do something” becomes endless. The recent incident in Strathroy, Ontario, of a man suspected of plotting a terrorist attack only provides further fodder for those concerned over the presently precarious state of the world. Turkey, Syria, France, mass shootings, individual acts of madness – all of these occurrences are pressing on the Canadian government at once, with pundits endlessly reminding us that something has to be done before our planet blows up. But there is another world out there – a global place of collaboration and effectiveness that continues to get glossed over in favour of front page headlines.…

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