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Glen Pearson

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The Third Place (Chapter 3) – The Experiment Begins

Posted on August 3, 2018

Though we didn’t see Dad so much that summer, he was always with us in every sound of the hammer, whine of the skill saw, or whirl of the battery drill.? He came up for meals, but other than that he was always just 20 feet below us. All this was kind of a revelation to us.? He was skilled with his hands in ways we hadn’t known, and whenever we journeyed down the stairs to take him some tea our just to witness his progress, he had always fashioned something new or ingenious to make the restaurant as intimate and sensible as possible.? He had the knack for styling and decor and before long it had come into shape. His pride and joy…

The Third Place – The Restaurant

Posted on August 1, 2018

One of my favourite memories of him was the last-minute tidy and clean he always did a few minutes prior to the restaurant’s opening.? It is a reflection that carries no timeline, since he performed this routine every day for four decades.? It never varied, not because he was habit driven but because he was so in love with the ceramic oven that he used for baking, the stainless steel sinks, lengthy counters and the always spotless floor.? When done, he passed his loving fingers lightly over the various surfaces – like a lover’s touch in an intimate moment. My father forever had a knack, a penchant even, for embracing the complexities of the world without judging it.? He didn’t so much clutch it…


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