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Glen Pearson

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The Third Place (Chapter 22) – Epilogue

Posted on August 26, 2018

When the story of the Third Place is fully told, it will be what happened in the first twelve months with the Sky Reach collaboration that will be best remembered.?The success of the effort was strong enough as to be almost overwhelming.? The community took to the initiative as though they had been waiting for it for years, which I suppose in many ways they had.? The past decade of lost opportunity and sense of hopelessness were quickly being replaced by a firm hope that our city was on its way back. It was shortly after the deal had been struck with Sky Reach that Mrs. Dawson, Finn’s grandmother, died.? It was a sad time for us all.? Though her visits had become increasingly…

The Third Place (Chapter 17) – Late-night Visitor

Posted on August 20, 2018

The knock on the door came long after closing time.? Dad was seated near the front counter, going over the month’s financials.? The rains that were falling, accompanied by repeated crashing lightning, was unlike anything we had experienced in years.? Wherever you were in the large house, you could hear the water teeming through the eavestroughs and lashing every window.? Most of us were in bed, exhausted after a heavy day of business. The first knock went unnoticed, drowned out by the calamity outside.? The second was more urgent, causing Dad to put the calculator down, peer through the door curtain, and slowly open it inwards. Before him stood a tall woman and had she spent another minute outside would likely have been completely…

The Third Place (Chapter 13) – In Depth

Posted on August 15, 2018

The magazine had been a North American staple for thirty years, somehow emerging into the digital era with a colourful and in-depth glossy publication coupled with a highly polished digital facsimile.? With hundreds of similar folksy and craft-oriented competitors, Home Comfort?never relinquished its top ranking in publications. It was a delightful day in late-spring when the two of them occupied one of the rounded balconies, outside on the second floor, where Dad was situated at a slight angle to the sun and Alessandra sat off to the side.? It was essentially a video shoot and partial interview, with Alessandra shooting film that would eventually appear on the magazine’s digital version.? While Finn and Daisy handled things downstairs, Mom and I were permitted to sit…

The Third Place (Chapter 11) – Chemistry

Posted on August 13, 2018

Values are remarkably tensile things, bringing humanity back to the fore while dispensing to the periphery those things less vital.? The Third Place wasn’t so much a business as it was a sanctuary, a tribute to the best that was in us all.? It summoned all manner of emotions and aspirations and even made the atmosphere somewhat quaintly electric with expectation.? I think that if it hadn’t existed I would never have seen those distinctive dimensions of my father that helped me to view him as someone more than just an adult figure.? It showed me the remarkable fluid partnership between my parents that was so much more than just two guardians watching over their children.?I saw my community as an essentially good place,…

The Third Place (Chapter 9) – Rebuttal

Posted on August 9, 2018

Eventually what was rumbling through Finn’s mind emerged, not in speech but in words.?He had kept his anger and channelled it into something more creative.? What resulted was a piece of brilliant writing that seemed to set the universe right again. The local print newspaper responded quickly to Finn’s request to write a column on the need to see the Third Place for the remarkable operation that it really was.?He told us nothing about it, but the newspaper had offered him a feature column in its Op-Ed section on a Saturday a few weeks following the online publishing of the university’s piece. It was Daisy that had risen early that morning and collected the paper from the front doorstep.? After sitting down for a…

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