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Glen Pearson

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The Secret Nook – Chapter 3 (Looking Back)

Posted on September 26, 2018

Somehow Meadow knew she would wake up at the appropriate time, so when she opened her eyes almost immediately after having that same dream of her father’s hand, there was no sense of panic or dread.? She was perfectly calm and instinctively had that same sense that she was being drawn into something she didn’t understand. She looked over at her nightstand and saw that she still had a couple of hours before heading to work.?She rose, pulled on her housecoat, and began the practiced routine of using the washroom, switching on the kettle, and getting the tea ready.? On the table before her was the photo album from last night – closed but strangely welcoming.? Gently blowing away the light steam rising from…

Summer Reflections – Half of Life, Half of Death

Posted on July 17, 2018

Ronald Rotheiser issues a challenge in his Forgotten Among the Lilies,?and it’s worth taking up as a summer test.? Prompting us to have a good look in the mirror, he says: “Scrutinize and examine, look for signs of ageing, but spend that time looking into your eyes.? What do they reveal?? Are they tired, unenthusiastic, cynical, lifeless, lacking in sparkle, hardened?? . . . Is there any fire there?? Does passion still burn?? Are they weary of experiencing, incapable of being surprised?? Is there still a young child buried somewhere behind them?” It used to be that such insights were directed to those reaching senior years, but not anymore.?There’s been too much research telling us that depression, loneliness, mental illness and a quiet desperation…


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