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Glen Pearson

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The Secret Nook – Epilogue

Posted on November 4, 2018

The final step was a big one and he slipped as he descended to the pavement.? Luckily, the bus driver, with a practiced preparedness, caught him on the way down, avoiding the inevitable crunch that would likely have occurred.? The older man bowed in appreciation, then went to the side of the bus to claim his rolling bag. For Duyi Koay, it had been some 15 years since he had been to Williamsburg.? His partial paralysis had made travel complicated and frequently painful, causing him to build his world around his studio outside of Clifton Forge.? A series of taxis waiting in a lengthy line provided a sense of relief as he ventured over to the leading vehicle. “Need a ride, sir?” the driver…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 12 (The Portrait)

Posted on October 12, 2018

Duyi Koay had been busy.?It took only a couple of calls to learn that his former prodigy was housed at the Red Lantern Inn, the proprietor of which was a former student of his.? He had arrived at the Inn with a package wrapped in white rice paper almost at the same time as Meadow walked in through the front door.? They looked at one another, seemingly frozen in time and emotion.?With effort he held up the package in his arms and pointed it towards her.? She remained in place, fighting to hold back the tears that she knew would eventually come – just not now. If Koay was hoping for better, he didn’t show it.? He placed the white package on a house…

Summer Reflections – Physician, Heal Yourself

Posted on July 22, 2018

For centuries the word “sabbath” denoted a time of religious retreat, but in recent years it has come to be viewed as a necessary time of retreat to recalibrate ourselves to face the pressures of modern life. “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy,” was one of the original 10 Commandments – the third on the list – but it was a concept practiced by other religions and cultures around the world.? For some that meant focusing on God; for others it was a time of healing. It was centred on the idea that life during the week can not only drain us but also cause us to make decisions that in the long run are detrimental to our mental health.? There is…

Answers vs. Solutions

Posted on March 6, 2018

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom,” wrote Isaac Asimov in a moment of frustration.? Was he correct?? Of course he was.? The Information Age brings us new findings every minute of the day and our ability to assimilate that knowledge for the betterment of our communities doesn’t so much depend on our brain as our character. Everyone has answers these days, as our digital screens display relentless bits of information, research findings, and happenings across the globe.? People are finding answers for everything – how to fix an eavestrough, invest in stocks, tend a garden or hold a meeting.? Our days are daily journeys of discovery that assist with practical solutions or just…

Thoughts on a Birthday

Posted on December 26, 2013

I have now had 63 birthdays and, as always, I grow more thoughtful on my birthday.? The life expectancy of a man in Canada is 80 years of age.? In China it’s 74; in South Sudan it’s 53.? So, I’m doing okay. But birthdays are also measured by other standards as well.? For all of us there are the physical alterations on our countenance.? If I could speak honestly, I love all my wrinkles; it’s as if they’ve been inhabited by the depths of life and experience.? They need to be deep so as to house all that I have been through in my years.? Our faces should look like homes for the depths of life, or else they remain merely empty show houses.…


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