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Glen Pearson

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The Third Place (Chapter 19) – Interlude

Posted on August 23, 2018

Signs that something momentous was happening took time to develop.? Aakriti Chandra stayed for the rest of that day with us before flying back to San Diego.? She was different in those last few hours, we could tell, yet had little more to say, other than the odd question for Dad and Mom about the Third Place’s operations.? A portion of her inquisitiveness in that regard was reserved for Finn.? It had become clear to her that he had grasped all aspects of the business and that his knowledge of technology and obvious connection with the younger generations provided him with vital insights into the future.? And that was something she was determined to be part of. Things with Finn and I were at…

The Third Place (Chapter 11) – Chemistry

Posted on August 13, 2018

Values are remarkably tensile things, bringing humanity back to the fore while dispensing to the periphery those things less vital.? The Third Place wasn’t so much a business as it was a sanctuary, a tribute to the best that was in us all.? It summoned all manner of emotions and aspirations and even made the atmosphere somewhat quaintly electric with expectation.? I think that if it hadn’t existed I would never have seen those distinctive dimensions of my father that helped me to view him as someone more than just an adult figure.? It showed me the remarkable fluid partnership between my parents that was so much more than just two guardians watching over their children.?I saw my community as an essentially good place,…

Identity – Romancing the Community

Posted on February 14, 2013

It’s Valentine’s Day. Many things to many people, it nevertheless finds a certain commonality in that romance can be as universal as it is secluded and intimate. I’m taking Jane to our favourite restaurant for lunch and then we’re going for a walk through the neighbourhood we love – just the two of us. I feel a certain thrill about it, even hours before our special date. I hope it isn’t too much of a stretch to believe that people can possess such feelings about their community, their neighbours, their place in the land.? Some are just wired this way. They can’t build a life around themselves for the simple reason that they desire a world greater than themselves.? Put simply: they love the…

Humanity Paired

Posted on January 4, 2013

Tomorrow the next chapter of the adventure begins. Our life with south Sudan was irrevocably joined together, not by choice but by some kind of human draw.? Our very first trip all those years ago was all about locating slaves and leading them to freedom; ironically, it inevitably became about finding each other. I have often stated in these blog posts that I have learned to just follow Jane and trust her instincts.? On that very first trip, as I struggled philosophically with the true meaning of modern slavery, Jane was actually out there liberating them.? It was a harrowing trip, but a new kind of awareness emerged in those remarkable days: we each required the other if our individual journeys were to be…


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