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Glen Pearson

Posts tagged “writing

Shakespeare’s Still Cool

Posted on April 18, 2018

We don’t know the exact date of his birth, but England’s most famous writer was born in the month of April in 1564 – 554 years and half a millennium ago.? ?Asked about William Shakespeare, author Virginia Woolf noted, “The very stone one kicks with one’s boot will outlast Shakespeare.”? Maybe yes, maybe no.? In a world full of easily accessed information and endless publications, it would be easy to assume that the great English bard has been transcended by our modern penchant for data. Virginia might have jumped the gun.? If we were to take the time to research our own words, we would discover that William Shakespeare adds punch to our own sayings.? British journalist Bernard Levin took on just such an…

Working on Myself

Posted on April 5, 2016

THE ACTION OF PUTTING WORDS ON PAPER or on a screen really isn’t rocket science – millions of people do it everyday. What’s more curious is why they do it, why they choose to take time out of their busy lives to put thoughts together in hopefully legible form? When Helvy Rosa, the Indonesian playwright, observed that, “You are what you write,” she provided a universal truth. Trolls voice their internal venom; lovers pen their sonnets of romance; researchers must unlock by the use of words the mysteries of scientific reasoning; political pundits enjoy dispensing their seasoned observations. People write the fountains bubbling within them, even when the water is poisoned. For some of us who write, the greatest creation in all of civilization…

Scrawling in the Snow

Posted on February 11, 2016

A NUMBER OF PEOPLE HAVE ASKED?if these blog posts are available in book form and the answer is “yes”. The Parallel Parliament posts for 2015 can be acquired here in hard cover and in paperback, and here as a free download from the iBooks store. You’ll also find other recent books there that I’ve written on Don Quixote, and a couple of novels on Paris and Africa. My very first book was a novel about a Spitfire pilot in the Battle of Britain – written when I was 12 on a Brother portable typewriter my parents gave me for Christmas. Why did I write it? I had no idea back then, but I’ve come to realize that each of these books or blog posts…

A New Kind of Loneliness

Posted on July 7, 2014

IT’S A NEW KIND OF LONELINESS,?ONE I’VE ONLY BEEN picking up on lately.?And the more I’ve talked to people about it, the more I realize that I’m suffering from it myself. It’s difficult to describe but emanates from two realities: the use of social media, and the loss of the public imagination. I’m afraid that both have affected me, and it’s a kind of personal isolation that I don’t think anyone sees. At the moment I feel more like Vincent Van Gogh than anything else: “A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke.” In recent weeks I’ve learned that others are feeling a similar sense of loss. Recently I…

Finding the Larger Voice

Posted on May 29, 2014

  WHEN FAMED POET, MAYA ANGELOU, DIED YESTERDAY, it’s likely that few knew just what a remarkable life she led. It would be like watching a major Hollywood movie. For those of us who have written poetry for years she was a seminal influence because of her ability to speak about her personal life in ways that somehow transcended it. We know about the good stuff – over 30 honourary degrees, awards by the dozens, producer of plays, movies, and television programs, a civil rights advocate who worked with Martin Luther King Jr., a popular professor and a famed orator. But then there were her shadow years. At the age of eight she was sexually abused and raped by her mother’s boyfriend. She was…

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