The Graduate Programme

Welsh Finance Graduate Programme

What is the Welsh Financial Services Graduate Programme?

  • Four different placements across ten Financial Services organisations
  • A fully-funded MSc qualification in Financial Services Management
  • The opportunity to meet other graduates like yourselves as well as experienced professionals
  • An investment in your future.

Welsh Finance Graduates


Is a career in Finance for me?

Finance attracts people from a variety of backgrounds. The Finance industry doesn’t just need accountants and underwriters (although that does help!) but project managers, business analysts, marketers and most importantly innovators with fresh ideas.

What if I haven’t got a background in Finance?

Do not despair! Many people in Finance haven’t got an accounting or business background including some of our own grads!

Lawrence, History Graduate.

Welsh Finance Graduate Lawrence“As a History graduate Financial Services wasn’t on the top of my list of future careers, initially I wasn’t even aware it was an option. Upon further research, and discovering the fantastic opportunity provided by the Graduate Scheme I am currently enrolled in, I realised how much breadth there was within the sector, a series of different roles, business functions and careers that did not require a finance, accounting or business degree. An opportunity to attempt a constantly evolving role such as Project Management has been very rewarding, no day is exactly the same and that’s a big part of why I’m enjoying working in Financial Services.”


Emily, Psychology Graduate.

Welsh Finance Graduate Emily“I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Psychology with Professional Placement from Cardiff University. Although I have always had an interest in Financial Services, I thought that employers wouldn’t look twice at my application due to me not having a degree in a business-related subject – how wrong I was! What I didn’t realise is that I actually had a lot of the transferrable skills that Financial Services employers look for and, although I lacked some knowledge, my keen interest to learn gave me a huge advantage. There are so many different roles within Financial Services and the Graduate Programme provides a fantastic and exciting opportunity to explore and gain experience in four different roles and companies.”


Danielle, Sport Science Graduate.

Welsh Finance Graduate Danielle“I completed my degree in Sports Science at Swansea University – A million worlds apart from the Financial Services, or so I thought. When I originally saw the WFS graduate scheme advertised,  I found that I actually had a lot of transferrable skills that they were asking for.  I made a point of saying during my interview that I may lack the technical knowledge, but had a keen interest and enthusiasm for learning this. There’s such a variety of roles to choose from and I’ve not felt at any point that I’m at a disadvantage for not doing a finance related degree. As long as you have an interest in the financial services and a willingness to learn, then it’s definitely worth applying!”


Rhiannon, French Graduate.

Welsh Finance Graduate Rhiannon“After completing my French degree, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do next and where I wanted to start my career. I had never considered Finance as an option however when I saw the Welsh Financial Services Graduate Scheme advertisement I thought that it looked like an exciting opportunity! At first I was quite hesitant fearing that not having a background in either business or finance would set me back, but I was actually really surprised to see the variety of roles available within financial services.”